Hello Hafi! Just popping by to say thank you so much for all the incredible conversions/recolours/defaults etc you've created and generously shared. They're fantastic and so are you! Thank you :)


Aww, Anon! Do you know how much this made me smile? Tons! Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot. :)

Hi there Hafise. Just to let you know, your Skyrim Orc and Skyrim Noble Double beds aren't picking up recolors for the wood (the recolor option for the wood isn't available on either). Love everything you make BTW!


Hi there, Anon! Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t had the chance to play in my medieval hoods since, well, awhile. I’ve fixed them and you can grab them here. You may have to compress them again. Sorry, about that but better safe than sorry. :)

I just wanted to let you know that your Parsimonious Artisian Quarter Set from TBTO are crashing my game. It only seems to happen in the Windows section and seems to work fine when I open the Door section so it leads me to believe that it's a window that's doing it.


Hi there Anon,

Thanks for letting me know but they do not crash for me. I opened up my test hood with them in my downloads folder and clicked on every window, door and arch. There wasn’t a single crash to be had. This was with no CC installed of course. I did not change the GUIDs so maybe it’s another piece of CC conflicting with the Parsimonious set. I can’t remember if I had to update to them or not after posting them at TBTO so I’ll include the link that I have that puts them at a date of 4/19/2014. You can grab them here. I did open up the files in SimPE to see if I made any mistakes in the tsMaterialsMeshName line which is usually what causes game crashes with repository items and once again everything was as it should be. So I’m sorry, I don’t why it’s crashing your game. :(

Will photobucket re-post your pictures on your livejournal since all of the pictures are kind of out? (They show that message with the gray box) Sorry I know that sounds silly, I'm not sure how photobucket works.


Yes, once the bandwidth comes back for my photobucket account the pictures will show as normal. It’s not at all silly, when in doubt ask. :)

Hello:) which camera hack are you using in your game?


Hello Anon,

I use a mixture of GunMod’s and Tom Duhamel

Simmer parents?


Just curious about how many other simmers out there are parents? How many children do you have, and (roughly) how old are they (by sim lifestage, if you want)?

Mini-meetme is going to be 5 months old in a couple of days, so she’s still well within the baby lifestage.

Reblog with replies etc.

I have one, who will be 18 in a month. So, I guess, he is entering the young adult life stage. My baby is no longer a baby. *sighs and cries*

Hi ! If it's not too much trouble could you reupload the oven mitts from this post ? /post/46256850466 The link is dead. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful content. :)


Hi there, anon. I had fixed them on my livejournal but totally forgot about the tumblr posts. Thanks for letting me know. They should both be fixed now. :)

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I’ll answer questions but I’m really lame at thinking new ones up.

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Minor lighting fix

Chemic told me this morning that the Knotted Torch was still throwing errors in her game. So I tried to recreate it. I couldn’t but I did get an error when I had my test sim turn the light off. I don’t know if it was how I cloned it or what. Live and learn. It is now fixed along with the Outdoor Lamp. Both lamps required University. The Knotted Torch can be found in Floor Lamps and the Outdoor Lamp can be found in Lighting > Misc.


I’m sorry!